Hi, I'm Doctor P

With over 1 million followers, Dr. Kerry-Anne A. Perkins-Gordon, known as "Doctor P", is a Board Certified OBGYN, women's health specialist, medical expert, health coach, mentor, scientist, philanthropist, and soldier in the US army reserves.

Doctor Perkins-Gordon was born in Jamaica, WI and migrated to the US as a teenager to pursue her passion: helping women feel better, happier, and healthier in their bodies.

Her journey began at Temple University where she studied Kinesiology specializing in exercise and sports science. She then earned her MSc from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), where her passion for research was sparked. Since then, she has published over 16 articles and is heavily involved with her original lab, Young Therapeutics. 

During her initial years at PCOM, she fell in love with the holistic approach to medicine which places emphasis on the seamless interconnection between the mind, body, and spirit.

She then began her medical school training at PCOM and completed an MBA in Executive Healthcare Administration at St. Joseph’s University in order to gain an even better understanding of the art and science of health. 

Doctor P completed her OBGYN residency at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in NY and since then, she has been practicing full-time as an OBGYN, specializing in holistic reproductive health for women.

In addition to being a professional OBGYN who loves working with women, she is also a wife, a Major in the US army reserve, an advocate for women’s health and holistic wellness, and an active participant in the medical community.

When Doctor P is not working with patients or clients, you can find her traveling the world. Her dream is to visit every state, country, and continent and experience the wealth of cultures our world has to offer.
She mentors upcoming medical professionals who are passionate about making a difference, and has done multiple medical missions with most recent in Accra, Ghana, and Jamaica, WI.
Doctor P believes in empowering women to take control of their own reproductive health, and frequently writes for women’s health magazines, as well as contribute her expertise to various healthcare platforms.