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“At first I thought 12 weeks was a long time, but your energy, spirit, and knowledge kept me engaged every week and wanted to learn more.

There’s nothing like that face-to-face, being able to ask questions to learn more my body and health.”

– Katina

“I used to very confused on the monthly basis, due to the pain I was in. And not understanding what was going on. I joined the Madame Estrogen Mastermind because I was desperate to learn more about what was happening to me. I’m so glad I did and would recommend to everyone!”

– Nadia

“The Madame Estrogen Mastermind was a life changing program for me. It changed my life immensely. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to change their life for the better.”

– Natasha

“This program and group saved my life. Before joining this group I was 280+ pounds. I was having monthly pelvic pain, fatigue, headaches…there was so much going on with me. I felt I was heading in the wrong direction. Especially with family history of breast cancer. The Madame Estrogen Mastermind is not a one size fits all magic pill. It is an individual path that leads to your best self.”

– Philomena

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